Nickname yuji0054
Sex Male
Blood type A
Marriage married
About Myself

・Nikon D90

・Nikon U2
・Nikon FE
・Nikon F4(借り物)
・Voigtlander Vitessa(Ultoron50/2.0)
・Vivitar UltaraWide&Slim
・学研 Gakkenflex

・Nikkor AiAF 28/2.8D(借り物)
・Nikkor AiAF 35/2.0D
・Nikkor Ai  35/1.4S(借り物)
・Nikkor AiAF 28-80/3.3-5.6G
・Nikkor AiAF(F3AF用) 80/2.8S
・Nikkor AiAF(F3AF用) 200/3.5S
・Voigtlander Ultron SL? 40/2.0
・Sigma AF SuperWideII 24/2.8
・Sigma AF UCZoom 28-70/3.5-4.5(借り物)
・Sigma AF Apo macro Super?
・Kiron macro 105/2.8
・Kiyohara Soft 70/5
・Komura 75-150/4.5
・Loreo pc lens in a cap 35/11or22
・Vega12 90/2.8 (tilt-adapter)
・MIR26 45/3.5 (tilt-adapter)
・Wollensak Oscillo-Amaton 75/1.9

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